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About Us

“Strengthening and Empowering Families to Build Better Communities”

The Center for Innovative Social Change, Inc. builds its philosophy and mission around services to families, particularly children, and their communities. Our goal is to build better communities by strengthening and empowering families. We focus on the strengths of the family and the community, and respect the values and culture of all served.  


CISC, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors that is comprised of individuals with varied backgrounds in public service and education. The principal is Rachel Stiff. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Sociology. She has worked with the Department of Human Services in the Division of Economic assistance as an Eligibility Worker, Social Worker, County Welfare Director, Bureau Director, Acting Deputy Director, Deputy Director; and the Department of Mental Health as a Bureau Director.  

What We Do

The Center for Innovative Social Change, Inc. (CISC, Inc.) provides services to youth who have been adjudicated as sexually abused/assaulted;  programs will include some academic remediation, self esteem building, modeling healthy relationships, abstinence, civic and leadership development, cultural awareness/ appreciation, and mentoring components. 

How We Do It

CISC, Inc. focuses on the strengths of the family and the community it serves.  Our guiding principles are: 

1. To be participant-centered and family focused, with the     needs of the participants and the participants' families     guiding the types of services provided 

2. To have services community based, with the focus of     services and decision making responsibility resting at the     community level 

3. To be culturally competent, respectful of the participants     and their families values and culture  


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